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Recreation of a deleted NTFS volume, where the entire LUN was one partition.

Run the Disk Administrator program.

Using the mouse, right click on the undefined volume corresponding to the EV-1000 LUN.

From the right-click menu, select Create. Enter the size of the volume as it was before – the default value shown is the entire size of the LUN. Click on OK.

Again right-click on the volume, select Commit changes now. Click on Yes to confirm. The response should be a success window, click on OK.

NOTE – do NOT format this volume.

Exit the Disk Administrator program.

Start the Dskprobe.exe program.

From the Drives menu, select Physical drives. This will open a window displaying the physical drives, both local and the EV-1000. The number of drives should correspond to the number of drives seen with the Disk Administrator program.

Double-click on the physical drive matching the volume to be recovered. Note – this should NOT be PhysicalDrive0.

Leave the Read-only checked for now, and click the Set Active button. Click on OK.

From the Sectors menu, choose Read, Start sector is 0, number of sectors is 1, then click on Read.

From the View menu, select Partition table. Write down the Ending Sector number, and the Total Sectors number. The Ending Sector should be something like 32 or 64. It may be the same as Relative Sectors.

From the View menu, select Bytes.

From the Sectors menu, choose Read, Start sector is (Total Sectors + Ending Sector - 1), number of sectors is 1, then click on Read.

Once the sector has been read in, verify that the data is correct. The NTFS boot sector should start with hex EB 5B 90 4E 54 46 53 20 20 20, and the ASCII should be .[.NTFS, there should be several text error messages half way down the sector, and the end of the sector should have a message about /NTLDR.

Note – if the sector does not show the proper information for an NTFS boot sector, then the volume cannot be recovered. Verify that all of the sector read parameters are correct.

Once the correct sector has been found and verified, go to the Drives menu, and select Physical drives. Deselect the Read Only check box, then click on OK.

From the Sectors menu, select Write. Enter the number written down as Ending Sector from before into the Starting sector field. Click on Write it, then click on Yes.

Exit Dskprobe, and start the Disk Administrator program. The volume should be seen as NTFS, and running Explorer should show the data.

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